The Help! I'm Trapped series.


Todd’s best-known series have sold millions of copies world wide.  Jake Sherman and his friends switch bodies – sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose — with teachers, principals, super models, aliens, dogs, and just about everyone else you can imagine. These funny books are guaranteed to make young readers laugh until they cry.


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NEW!!!  Help! I'm Trapped in My Teacher's Body and most of the other Help! books are now available in paperback. 

Wordsworth, the talking Basset Hound, is back!

Wordsworth is a lovable, lazy, but super-smart Basset Hound who helps get his charming, but inept family, the Chandlers, out of all sorts of trouble. Only 10-year-old Dee Dee Chandler knows Wordsworth's BIG secret -- he can talk! This endearing and funny short-chapter book series is perfect for young readers who want to read along with their parents. And parents will appreciate the smattering of challenging vocabulary designed to help broaden their children’s word knowledge.

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