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"This is superb entertainment. It thrums along with finely wrought atmosphere and gripping suspense." -- The New York Times 

Strasser brings readers to the 1960s of his youth, with one crucial difference: In this story, the Cuban Missile Crisis leads Russia to nuclear war. The plot alternates between before and after the bombs drop; in the immediate aftermath, 11-year-old Scott, his family, and a handful of neighbors endure the increasingly difficult conditions in a subterranean bomb shelter. In the “before” chapters, Scott grows aware of racial prejudice, and the prevailing “us vs. them” mentality toward Russia.  An eye-opening “what if” scenario about the human response to disaster. – Starred review. Publisher’s Weekly


ALA Best Fiction for YAs

IRA YA Choice

NCSS Notable Trade Book for Young People

Bank Street Teacher's College Best Children's Books

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